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Wine Fortune Telling 

The Moon Witch

Corrin DaCosta


How it Works:

-Readings are done individually

-Each reading is 15 min long

-Your guest will need at least 2 oz of wine in their glass to begin the reading

-A proprietary blend of flora & herb is added to the 2 oz of wine, which does not affect the flavor

-I will use Tarot Cards to assist in the readings

-No sparkling wine, please, as the bubbles disturb the flora & herbs

-If live music is playing, I may need a quiet area to conduct readings

-A sign up sheet, by time, is recommended on event day to streamline those waiting


My Rates:

-I have a 2 hour minimum which is $200

-Additional time is $25/15 min. with a 4 hour max unless otherwise arranged

-A deposit of $100 is required to secure your event date and can be fully refunded with at least 14 days notice of a cancellation.

-I am available for Chelan, Manson, Wenatchee, & Leavenworth

-I will accept bookings as early as Memorial Day Weekend, 2019


The Moon Witch
Corrin DaCosta

Your intuition is trying to tell you something...want to know what it is?