The Moon Witch
Corrin DaCosta

Your intuition is trying to tell you something...want to know what it is?

For Your Event

Wine Fortune Telling 

The Moon Witch

Corrin DaCosta


How it Works:

-Readings are done individually

-Each reading is 15 min long

-Your guest will need at least 2 oz of wine in their glass to begin the reading

-A proprietary blend of flora & herb is added to the 2 oz of wine, which does not affect the flavor

-I will use Tarot Cards to assist in the readings

-No sparkling wine, please, as the bubbles disturb the flora & herbs

-If live music is playing, I may need a quiet area to conduct readings

-A sign up sheet, by time, is recommended on event day to streamline those waiting


My Rates:

-I have a 2 hour minimum which is $200

-Additional time is $25/15 min. with a 4 hour max unless otherwise arranged

-A deposit of $100 is required to secure your event date and can be fully refunded with at least 14 days notice of a cancellation.

-I am available for Chelan, Manson, Wenatchee, & Leavenworth

-I will accept bookings as early as Memorial Day Weekend, 2019