The Moon Witch

Tarot Card Reader, Tasseologist, Spirit Channeler

Wenatchee, Washington

Corrin DaCosta

...She has magic in her hands...

I am a Clairvoyant Intuitive, Psychic Dreamer & Spirit Channeler with extensive studies and practical experience using these gifts. My symbols of choice are Tarot, Tasseography, Mediumship, Dreams & Energy Medicine.


My purpose is to connect you with your INTUITION so that you may follow your soul's PURPOSE without confusion or distraction. I will ASSIST YOU and EMPOWER YOU to feel better and more aligned with


Tarot - Tasseograghy - Spirit Channeling

I began studying Tarot 5 years ago at the Seattle School of Tarot but my passion for Divination began 20 years before. I have been using Tarot and oracle cards  as a self care tool for over two decades and want to share my insights to empower all of you through this intuitive practice.

Tarot sessions are available long distance and in person. To book a long distance session please use the "book now" button to access the online scheduler. For an in person session, please email or call.

What is Tarot?


I have been studying and practicing the ancient art of Tasseography in my own tea leaves for many moons and find the magical elixirs to be a fun ritual that accurately reflects one's spirit. I often use Tarot Cards in my Tea Leaf and Wine Fortune Telling which helps to add a richness of symbolism - as all of the signs, together, make a story. The more information we can uncover, the better.

Tea leaf reading sessions are currently in-person only. Please call or email for a session.

What is Tasseography?

In 2007 I began to "open up" to the spirit world and began my life-long journey of connection. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. I have been described by my teachers as being a "lightning rod for energy". I take mediumship very seriously and hold myself to a high integrity. My current passion is channeling spirit and helping you to learn to connect on your own. We all have the ability to practice connection to spirit and increase those abilities. Each session is full of light and love.

All channeling sessions are currently in-person only. Please call or email for a session.

What is Mediumship?

  I received my Massage License in 2007 and have years of experience from spa, chiropractic and onsite massage work.  My style is slow & rhythmic.  Most clients fall asleep on my table, even through deep work.  I work consciously with your nervous system and listen intuitively to what your body needs. I am well versed in injury treatment: frozen shoulder, whiplash, migraines and sports injuries.  Massage led me to energy work, specifically, Reiki. I am a Reiki Practitioner which lends itself to each massage by bringing focused, healing energy exactly where your body needs it.  I am trained in working with persons who have experienced trauma, both physical and emotional, to bring each person into their body for ultimate healing potential.

I have practiced relaxation & deep tissue massage at Gene Juarez, in Downtown Seattle & Bellevue; Injury and Postural Massage Treatment at the well respected Lake Union Wellness In South Lake Union and now find myself East of the Cascades working, occasionally, at the unparalled Post Hotel in Leavenworth, WA .