Tarot & Tea Leaf Readings 

Tea Leaf Readings


Share a cup of loose leaf tea with me while we discuss what has brought you to seek deeper insight. After the tea is drunk, I will read your leaves. $30

Tarot Readings

Full Celtic Spread: An in depth reading for those that want deep details to the past, present, future and all of the challenges, influences, and subconcious forces at work in your life. $60

Past/Present/Future Spread: 

A three card spread that can tackle one topic of inquiry. $30

Please know:

I may be psychic and very intuitive, however tarot and tea leaf readings are not psychic readings.  They are mirrors reflecting the knowledge of your higher self and I can see them.  That is all.

I am merely able to help bypass the filters that keep you from hearing your soul.


The Moon Witch
Corrin DaCosta

Your intuition is trying to tell you something...want to know what it is?