When Creating Your Reality Becomes Manipulation

And how to look for signs that your Law of Attraction spells (or someone else's) has crossed the line from magician to black magic.

"So, the question is, how have we learned to get what we want? Was it in a healthy way?"

The Secret

The Law of Attraction is a relatively simple idea: your thoughts can change your life & what you believe at your most basic core will manifest. With the Law of Attraction, it is believed that everything is vibration and like attracts like. This theory was grown out of Quantum Physics and dropped into every persons living room via the book and movie, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. So, Modern Witches, now we are empowered to create our reality as long as we are vibrating at the "right" frequency! Simple, right?! Not so much...

Barbara Brennan, a former NASA scientist, wrote a series of books about the human energy field, the first of which being, 'Hands of Light'. Brennan was gifted with the ability to see the human energy field and receive information about patterns and blockages within the seven-layer auric field. Not only did she popularize the human auric field, but she published images showing energetic relationships between people. When energy is flowing freely into the "hara" line and our interactions with others and the self are healthy, that is ideal. However, unhealthy human patterns are apparent within our energy systems and felt. Her work is extraordinary and is a reference that I keep going back to. What happens when what we are trying to manifest turns unhealthy or straight-up becomes manipulation of others?

We are born into an environment that has the power to shape how we interact with it, for our survival. No one escapes this and we often enter our adulthood just beginning to become aware of patterns of behavior that are unhealthy. It is often through relationship that a mirror arrives and we can finally see. So the question is, how have we learned to get what we want? Was it in a healthy way? Was it by using manipulation? Have you become aware of old patterns and unwound them? If so, you are one of the few, and if not your attempts at manifesting will be black magic. Humans are works in progress and self-work is infinite. However, the moment we become aware and can identify an unhealthy energetic interconnection we will be on the right track. Here are some signs that can alert us to manipulation instead of pure manifestation:


Are you checking in with yourself with decision making? Or is someone else leading the charge but something just doesn't feel "right" to you. Perhaps you are feeling pushed around or even like your energy is drained. Are you saying no and setting personal boundaries when you want to? If not, these are all signs that you have given your power away. Or perhaps, you are doing this to someone else. Are you pushing someone's boundaries? When you hear 'no', do you keep pushing until you get your way?


This happens frequently in abusive relationships, where the abuser goes from one extreme to the other to make someone feel safe and then to dominate with control. This dynamic can happen in business, etc also. Look for passive-aggressive behaviors, charm followed by feelings of guilt or obligation. These are signs of psychological coercion. If you are manifesting something using this technique, your results will have major bad vibes.


This tactic is often used in sales. If someone is going over and above to give you a good deal you may feel obligated to reciprocate and if you are not guilt or shame may be used against you. This exploits the social expectation of reciprocity, but remember, if it doesn't feel right to you, don't do it. This is an example of using energetic hooks.


Sometimes manifestation using black magic turns into delusion, think Fyre Festival. Often in these scenarios, the manifestors see people as pawns and are completely narcissistic and disconnected from reality. The emperor wears no clothes, people! Say it loud and proud because all things created in this space are doomed to fall apart.

How do we manifest and cast spells in a healthy way? The short answer is by not drawing from or manipulating the energy of others. We have to bring our selves and our energy systems into harmony and to recognize when they are unhealthy, so we can correct. We are humans after all, so perfection is not attainable. So assuming our energy is healthy we can manifest anything then, right? We can finally have that successful career and love life, right!? From my witchy perspective there is A LOT more to it that just what we want, but that is for another story. Until then, the best advice I can give is to work towards what you want and to listen to the signs from the Universe because there is a much bigger story unfolding than the little ones inside of our head.

Defenses in the Auric Field (From Left to Right):

  1. Porcupine

  2. Withdrawal

  3. Beside Himself

  4. Verbal Denial

  5. Oral Sucking

  6. Hook

  7. Mental Grasp

  8. Tentacles

  9. Silent, Obvious Brooding

  10. Verbal Arrows

  11. Combination

  12. Hysteria

  13. Boundary Containment

  14. Power-Will Display

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