A Psychic & A Healer are NOT the Same Thing-and Why it Matters

"All people are psychic, to some degree, but not all have integrity."

If and when we go looking for a psychic, tarot reader, palm reader etc...it is often driven because we need confirmation, guidance or answers. We, essentially, are looking for healing. Here is what you need to know: Psychics and Healers are NOT the same thing. In fact, there are some who use their refined psychic powers to exploit people-yikes, it's true. There are those who just want to sit in the power of knowing more than you do and letting you know that (power stealers)-double yikes. There are also those that are a complete sham. So, how do you find a real psychic that uses her skills for good and, most importantly, is also a healer? And why is this important?

16 years ago, I was working in a spa. A woman came in and announced herself as a psychic. She then began to read my energy and the energy of others in the space, without asking permission. She quickly, and correctly, told me that someone that worked there had just had a miscarriage. She said this out loud, without regard to privacy, in the front lobby of the spa. I was horrified. She was not referring to me, but that did not change my disdain for her lack of integrity. This woman may have been an accurate psychic, but she definitely was not a healer. Her regard was for herself and proving or showing off her skills whereas a healer's regard is for the empowerment and sanctity of her client. I was shown a lesson that day and it has shaped my work as a massage therapist, energy healer and psychic.

A psychic reading of any kind is an extremely vulnerable experience. It is an exposure and an intimacy. It is complete surrender. We all have things we are ashamed of or want to keep secret. Can a psychic see everything? The short answer is no. Psychics receive information in different and unique ways: visions, hearing, knowing, feeling. If you can imagine the gargantuan amount of information that each person is carrying in their field, it might look like several sets of encyclopedias. There isn't a psychic on the planet that can access ALL of that information and see the entirety of you. The information that comes through is often acknowledged as perfect for your divine timing. In my tarot sessions, I describe it as the information that you are ready to see for your healing. Often, people think that if a psychic can see how they feel or give them accurate facts then they must also have access to a solution - this is not true. A true healer will empower you to find the solution. The healer shows you the way. That is the only way to experience lasting transformation.

How can you find a psychic that is a healer and avoid the ones that aren't?

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

1. If they advertise that they can fix your life for you, run:

A healer knows that they can provide space and tools for healing but the transformation is reliant upon you. Only a charlatan would suggest that they can do the work for you, lift the curse for you, or change the future for you.

2. The psychic "Know-it-All" is not a healer:

Even the very best and most experienced psychics ask questions. It is actually necessary for continuing down the correct "psychic pathways". Asking questions also includes you in your own healing, as you become a participant instead of simply a viewer. A psychic may definitively tell you that something doesn't fit with what they are sensing, and that is okay.

Being a "Know-it-All" psychic is more along the lines of talking and giving advice as if they are God themselves while dominating and overpowering you. A healer will never do that as their sole concern is your empowerment.

3. They lack integrity:

If a psychic does a reading on you without permission or if they divulge your information without permission that psychic is not a healer, they are acting like a gossip and a thief. It would be not different for a psychic to break into your home, steal intimate photos of you and then put them out on the internet. It is my opinion that psychics that operate this way are trying to prove themselves and to show off. Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of others and it is a violation. To all psychics out there, please take heed; All people are psychic, to some degree, but not all have integrity.

4. They ask for additional money during a reading:

A healer will never ask you for additional money during a reading because of something they "see", like a curse. Psychics that operate this way are taking advantage of a person in a very vulnerable state. They might say that someone you love is cursed and for "x" dollars they can lift the curse for you. If you ever find yourself in that position, I recommend ending your session immediately. A psychic healer will never do that. Ever. Like, ever.

My hope with this article is that it empowers all people to be the captain of their own ship; To not give their power away. I also hope that you all feel more empowered to discern what makes a psychic a healer and what does not. And to those of you doing psychic work for a living, or offering tarot because it's "cool", my hope is that you hold yourselves accountable to a high level of integrity and always put your clients first.

The Moon Witch
Corrin DaCosta

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