“Learn from everything, see everything, and above all feel everything!

And make other people when they look at your drawing feel it too! … Keep an open mind to all things."

-Pamela Colman Smith 

Pamela Colman Smith


It is with great reverence that I send my utmost gratitude to the above mentioned artist, Pamela Colman Smith, "Pixie". She was the daughter of Brooklyn merchant, Charles Edward Smith and Jamaican mother, Corinne Colman.


Pamela was an artist and a writer who ran in magical company: William Butler Yeats, Bram Stoker... She published books, a magazine... her most prolific work is one that she does not receive enough credit for: illustrating the most popular Tarot Card deck in the world: The Rider-Waite Deck. She was the first artist to illustrate the Minor Arcana, each card with its own scene, adding a richness of symbology not seen before.


Her take on Tarot shifted the predecessor energy to make room for freedom of art and therefore laid the path for all modern Tarot and oracle decks. She was paid very little for her Tarot art and died penniless with no royalties granted. Her work fell out of copyright and into the public domain gifting so many of us the ability to use and share her work, including my app, Tarot Card Reading by The Moon Witch. I am thrilled to be able to offer you all a free version of that app so that you can share in her gift, as well. I give my eternal thanks to Pamela Colman Smith.

The Moon Witch
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